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Car factories opinion about Multimag magnetic activators

Guest cars factories! 

Why do car manufacturers, do not use the Magnetizer? 

It is logical, reasonable question. is repeated for several years by motorists, who doubt the effectiveness of good Magnetizer. Car manufacturers have responded to us: 

"We're not interested in using the Magnetizer MULTIMAG in the manufacturing process of cars, because these devices do not improve the structure or engine technology, but only a treat for the fuel and air supplied to the engine compartment, in order to better combustion. So this is an additional device to the user who can use them in any car, regardless of technological solutions - design. Our research center, leads development in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions of toxic compounds in exhaust gases by means of other technical solutions. " 

Magnetizer efficient producers are only a few in the world. So we omit. pseudo-magnetizers, which is a lot on the Internet. Most work only up to 150 hours of use in the car. This was confirmed by research and experience of practitioners. The question. can be answered with another question. why do car manufacturers would have to act against their own interests? 

After a good magnetizer, improving fuel combustion in the engine compartment. not only ensures lower fuel consumption, increase power and torque. but also: - significantly reduces the emission of toxic compounds in the exhaust - definitely prolongs the life of catalytic converter, lambda sensor, engine oil and engine itself. 

This means less SALE OF THESE PARTS. 
Car manufacturers will therefore be used instead of the Magnetizer catalysts, since use by platinum, which consume up to 65% of world production. This is big business.Specialists from the car factories. gave us a witty advice: 

"You will have the chance to implement the Magnetizer in car factories, if you develop a magnetizers that protect the interests of producers of fuels, catalytic converters and spare parts." 

But we think it worthwhile to promote good Magnetizers -
if they car owners help

Magnetizers MULTIMAG do not have a competitor, a fact confirmed by: 
- Reliable, numerous research 
- Opinions of experts and users from many countries, 
- Patents in Poland, Europe and the U.S. 
- Medals and awards won at the World Exhibitions of Inventions and New Technologies in Brussels, Geneva and Budapest, 
- The submission to be a tough test in the competition. Who can prove that there is a car which does not work MULTIMAG will receive 100,000 gold reward. " 
As expected, no one won the contest, researchers and practitioners acknowledge that Multimagi work differently and more effectively than other magnetizers. 
- The experience of researchers and practitioners from Japan, Sweden and Polish, as the inventors who were the first in the world have developed a new product activation technology of magnetic fuel - used in MULTIMAG magnetizers.

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